The Future of Online Marketing

Internet Marketing – Social Media Helps Small Firms Connect With Customers

A recent post about online advertising trends has particular relevance for Toronto medium and small business owners. I stumbled
upon this article on Startup Nation, a website designed for entrepreneurs.

A few points in this informative article caught my attention, and all of them revolve around the hottest topic in online
advertising today: social networking. Social media marketing is particularly important to small companies since it’s relatively
easy to implement and because it is affordable.

When you think about the challenges that many Toronto entrepreneurs confront getting noticed in a crowded business arena, social
media marketing is a trend worth following.

The Top Trends in Online Marketing

Off the top, the article talks about recession marketing and the need to find cheap choices. The second stage anticipates a true
boom in the number of small companies using Internet marketing. And why don’t you? It’s available and affordable.

As I mentioned earlier, the real interest for me came from the article’s points about social media. Here they are in a summary:

o Blogging. SN notes there aren’t many barriers to prevent a company from launching a blog. I concur. Blogging is easy and it is
absolutely free, save the time needed to compose each article. Blogging is a great way to construct links to your institution’s
website. You can use a blog to communicate the latest information about your business, or to share news related to your
enterprise. You might also use it to generate some publicity. Controversy sells. If your business can handle the heat, try writing
some thought-provoking posts which will draw visitors to your blog. You can definitely localize your blog too. Focus on happenings
from Toronto to draw business from around the city.

o Relationship Marketing. In 2009, based on SN, more firms will “move towards a relationship-building model with their customers”
And I think they are correct. In the present economy, there will be fewer individuals seeking to spend money, as SN notes,
therefore it’ll be crucial for your business to build loyalty by creating relationships with customers. In the world of Internet
marketing, this relationship can take the kind of a Facebook page, a blog with timely responses, or a Twitter account. These
marketing choices allow you to create a personality for your company and create an image as a forward-thinking and responsive

O Customer Voice. SN believes that clients want a voice in your small business. People love to provide feedback. You are able to
give them a chance to communicate directly with you through a Twitter or blog accounts, two of the simplest social media marketing
options around.

O Social Marketing. This is the expression that SN utilizes in its own post to refer to social media. The point is somewhat
redundant, because the article also cites things such as blogging and relationship advertising elsewhere. But SN does make a valid
point when it states that lots of small businesses have failed to adopt the opportunities in social networking marketing. If you
are one of them, it might pay to speak with an online marketing advisor or conduct your own research to how social media marketing
can assist you.
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